Uneksivat puut

The perofmance Uneksivat puut is based on a graphic novel La maison ou revent des arbres (The Inn of Dreaming Trees) by a Belgian artist Didièr Comes. The performance combines contemporary dance and puppet theatre and it was performed outside in Helsinki Central Park 2017 and in Berlin Galeria Toolbox 2018.

Direction and dramaturgy: Mira Laine
Choreography: Mirva Keski-Vähälä
Performers: Petra Haapio, Outi Ivaska, Jonna Lehto, Riku-Pekka Kellokoski, Tommi Rikkinen and Satu Wiinikka
Puppet constructing: Anna Sucksdorff
Costume design: Reija Stenius
Music composing and sound design: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski
Lighting design: Jari Piitulainen
Graphic design: Mark Ståhle
Webpage: Bastian Salmela